Friends, Fun and Diversions

Here are few links to games we have made, people we like and points of interest on the information super-highway. If you think of something that belongs here, drop me a line at


Invasion of the Candy Snatchers — Trick or tasty treats

Crackin’ Skulls — Holiday hammering

Mummy Boy — A ghostly tale

00-Santa #1 — The fight before Christmas

00-Santa #2 — Dash away, blast away home

Santa Dance — Silly fun

Snowball Fight — At home with 00-Santa



Comic Ads in Comics — Charles Atlas has got nothing on Posicle Pete and Safety Same

The Onion — Indispensable source for fake news

Homestar Runner — Updating again after way too long a delay.

The Matchbook Museum — Another collection of bygone glory form the people who brought us Cast-off Mascots

Novelty Cocktail Napkins — Mementos from back when cocktail napkins offered more than cigarette company logos