This is not design.

On: November 11, 2011
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Have a nice dayLove him or hate him, this little guy’s got staying power.  But it’s not design. It’s a design.

Design is not the end-product, but the process used in its creation. Or, as the dictionary puts it, “the thought behind the action”. This is the idea that drives everything we do.

It may seem tempting to wrap your company’s products in the latest style or charge them with cutting edge technology and sent them loose to sell. But with a landscape littered with dancing CGI packages or computer-enhanced ‘talking’ creatures, it might not be the best approach for you.

At Whirli-GIg Brand Design we do things the hard way. We take a good hard look at your company, your products and the way you do business. We talked to your customers, your competitors’ customers and try to form a picture of how you are perceived in the marketplace.

Then we take that image and bring the best parts to life– and share them with the world. Customers are too smart these days to be taken in by gimmicks for long. But by communicating your true advantages and engaging with the marketplace, we can build your customer base and generate long-term relationships.

The hardest dollar you will ever earn from a customer is the first one. When you get that opportunity you should make the most of it. Don’t have a transaction, start a relationship. And good relationships are built on trust.

How do you design trust?

It would be difficult to question Craftsman Tools’ commitment to quality when they offer to replace any broken tool for a lifetime. Or the simplicity of the Apple’s iPhone when the commercials are nothing but a faceless demo of fingers actually using the product.

Any product worth promoting has an inherent competitive advantage, and we’re willing to help you find it, and use it to build relationships with your market.

Earn their trust today and reap the rewards for years to come.

And, have a nice day.