What is Whirli-Gig

Whirli-Gig Brand Design Company is an engine that assists companies gain momentum and succeed in today’s changing world. We deliver branding, promotion, and communication strategies designed to reflect and amplify your strengths and speak directly to your target customers.

We take the time to hone ideas to give our clients an image that is as well-crafted as it is well thought out. With over 20 years experience in advertising and graphic design, wqe know what it takes to drive a brand to success to today’s marketplace. We decided to keep Whirli-Gig small and personal to give our clients direct contact with the people who actually create and execute your concepts. We have built close relationships with specialists in a wide array of services– so we can provide you the support you need without paying for a lot of extra overhead.

Whirli-Gig was built by John Leising, a marketer and graphic designer who understands and respects the power of words. We try to use all creative tools together to build strong images that build awareness and move products. We don’t impose our style on our clients, we do the hard work to bring out the strongest message within our client’s brands.

Whirli-Gig is more than a design outlet, it is a tool for your success. From a branding ID that reflects your style and mission, to an online presence that speaks directly to your market, Whirli-Gig can help you embrace your competitive edge and engage your customers in more way than ever.

You are the innovators. Be empowered.