What We Do

  • Build Brands

    From small local start-ups to multinational organizations, your brand is the core of your business. Your logo, taglines, and messaging should all work together to reflect your personality and reinforce your unique values to customers across all channels.

  • Spread the Word

    Today’s customers can be reached in more ways than ever. Whether its as small as a business card or as big as the side of a bus, we can put your message in front of potential customers wherever they are found. And target your message for its greatest return.

  • Spin the Web

    Screens are everywhere. And if you are not using them for promotion, your competitors certainly are. Web, mobile, and social media are great tools to build relationships with customers, and Whirli-Gig Brand Design can help build your presence online.

  • Bring Ideas to Life

    Your message is powerful; your method of showing it should be just as powerful. From internal videos and online animations to full-scale productions, we can take your ideas off the page and give them light, sound, and movement.